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Natural Baby Wipes

My son, Archie, was born with a full head of red hair and very sensitive skin, so I was careful to use only “natural, fragrance-free” baby wipes. But before long, he developed a terrible diaper rash and I started to think the baby wipes were part of the problem.

When I looked more closely at the back of the pack and saw an alarming list of chemical ingredients, I stopped using baby wipes and switched to soft cloths and water. Right away Archie got better, so I asked myself, “Why can’t there be an all natural baby wipe with just water and no chemicals?” And the story of WaterPura began. WaterPura natural baby wipes are completely chemical-free, soft and strong. 99.9% Water & 0.1% Citrus Extract. I trust WaterPura for my baby, and I hope you will love them as much as I do.

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Made in the USA

99.9% Water
0.1% Citrus Extract

  • Chemical Free
  • Soft & Strong
  • No Fragrance Oils

 Emily & Archie

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